A dreamer is the ultimate realist!

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Carry On

Only if your heart has been broken, can you be vulnerable and open, to new, true Love!!!

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Love at First Sight

Sometimes, you just know! I wrote a poem to my wife years ago. My writing partner put music to the words. With the help of family and friends we created a video based on how we got together when we were in our teens. If you believe in Love give it a look and a listen.

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Miracle at Work

‘Miracle at Work’ is a song about pregnancy and being pregnant. It’s hard to know what to say to an expectant Mother and Father. But as each of us is different, so is each pregnancy unique, and truly a ‘Miracle at Work’.

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My little ga$$ protest song that is simply humorous truth. BTW My grandson does not say what you think he says. =)

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